Welcome to my outlet for my neuroticism blog!
I obsessively carefully and rigorously research in order to travel light, and it has been requested of me more than once to share my tips; I haven’t checked a bag in 5 years*.

I know it’s helpful to know exactly what someone has brought on trips similar to yours, and I love packing lists!

While my husband and I have jobs that mostly keep us at home, we do like to get out of the country a couple times a year, and hate paying for it. Travel hacking is my other great love.

I’m vegetarian and have also had a bunch of crap meals gained a bit of wisdom on traveling with dietary restrictions.

While I work on more posts, enjoy this picture of my adorable zombie dog:

*Ok, so I have checked a bag twice in the last 5 years. If someone wants to send you home with a gallon of homemade scorpion-pepper hot sauce or freshly pressed olive oil, go ahead and check your bag.

Author: Solo Un Po (just a little bit)

Lots of travel, hacking, packing; just a little money, time, and stuff.

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